Monthly Archives: August 2013

Welcome Back to School!!



The first week of classes is always exciting. It’s fun to take a seat in the Union or at Prexy’s Pasture, and just watch people! It’s easy to spot new students because they have a general look of excitement mixed with fear and a loss of direction on their faces. The seasoned students tend to walk with a sense of purpose, because they already know where their classes are, but maybe they didn’t wake up early enough to make it from their new apartment to the Classroom Building.

The first week of school is important for developing habits that will be followed for the whole semester. Wherever you find yourself during this week;

  • Remember to eat breakfast every day. Not only will it hold you over until lunchtime, but it will help you to focus during those early classes.
  • Bring healthy snacks like granola bars, nuts and fruit.
  • Bring a water bottle that you can refill throughout the day. If you don’t like just plain water, try out some of the low calorie drink packets that you can mix in your water bottle.