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Happy New Year!!

2014 is going to be a great year for the Nutrition and Exercise Lab! We will complete the Postpartum Research Study that has been ongoing for almost 5 years! It’s hard to quantify the hours that went in to gathering and analyzing data in order to organize it in a way that makes logical sense, but it’s safe to say that this study has been enlightening. Although the study isn’t officially complete, preliminary results of certain aspects of the study have been presented. Former graduate student, Jess Schuler analyzed and compiled the breast milk sample evaluation as her thesis project.  In December, 2013, Enette and Erin went to Newcastle, England to present the bone mineral density and physical activity components at the International Sport and Exercise Nutrition Conference as a part of Erin’s thesis research.  Here is a photo summary of their trip!

Erin and Enette upon arrival in Newcastle, UK!


We enjoyed a few beautiful morning runs on the beach!


We went to a professional ‘football’ game… or rather a soccer game! Enette’s daughter Lindsay is a soccer player, so this was a neat treat for her! We watched Newcastle United play South Hampton, the result was a tie 1-1.


We snuck back in to the stadium for this one (which was moments after the game).


We enjoyed a tea break after one of our morning runs. This little cafe was a cave at the bottom of the cliffs and was historically a hang out for smugglers or pirates!


No trip to England is complete without a traditional English Breakfast!!


Erin presented a poster of her research at the conference!


Enette gave two lectures during the conference: ‘Vitamin D in Athletes’ and ‘The Importance of Sleep for Athletes’.


Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist in the 800m and 1500m, Dame Kelly Holmes made an appearance at the conference and talked about her journey.


Erin had the chance to meet some great people at the conference! She met world-class endurance athlete and well-known sports nutrition researcher Asker Jeukendrup as well as fellow nutrition students from all over the world!