The Nutrition and Exercise Lab at the University of Wyoming is a leader in research on women’s health, athletic performance and exercise nutrition. Well-known researcher and Associate Professor Dr. Enette Larson-Meyer oversees the laboratory and enthusiastically encourages students to get involved in the research process.

Erin Kyle is a Graduate Assistant seeking a degree in Human Nutrition and Food Science. She coordinates the human research that takes place in the lab.

Currently, the Nutrition and Exercise Lab is investigating the role of the appetite regulating hormones, Ghrelin and PYY in postpartum body weight regulation and presence in human milk.

Enette and TanyaGraduation

Left: Enette and former research assistant Tanya Halliday. Follow Tanya and her adventures at her blog: http://dinedashdeadlift.com/
Right: Tanya Halliday, Enette and Nikki Peterson at graduation. Tanya and Nikki are Enette’s former students who helped a great deal in the lab! Nikki currently co-owns a coffee shop called Old Town Coffee in Lander, WY.


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